RAC Houston Conference Center Transportation Service is one of a Kind


If you’re like most business owners and office managers, we’re sure you’ll agree that there’s absolutely nothing like being able to travel to and from a corporate meeting or event with no problems whatsoever. But let’s face it: finding a company that eliminates all of the hassle and headache that often times come along with traveling to meetings and events, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

The good news for you today is that there is finally a certified, tried and tested Houston-based meeting room facility rental company that provides high, quality corporate transportation at an affordable price. But that’s not all: RAC Houston Conference Center empowers those who utilize our corporate transportation service with 3 key elements that ensures peace of mind.

Key Element #1: State-of-the-Art FAA Flight Tracking System: We know and understand that first impressions make lasting impressions, so we make it a priority to know exactly when your flight arrives and departs. We’ve invested heavily in a state-of-the-art FAA flight tracking system to ensure that you arrive early and on time for your corporate meeting or event.

How do we do this? We utilize this unique tracking system to accurately track all flights and dispatch our drivers accordingly.

Key Element #2: Background Check on Our Drivers: We know that there are many options you could choose for transportation services. But have you checked the news lately? The horror stories of passengers riding in transportation services such as Uber, etc.? The thought of being abdicated while trying to get to a corporate meeting or just flat out bad customer service is not what most people would want to have to endure. We’re not knocking any particular transportation service, but we just believe we provide superior safety and reliability.

You see, we think safety first, which is why we run local, state, federal, and national criminal searches on ALL of our drivers to ensure that they are squeaky clean. In fact, anyone with a misdemeanor is disqualified for hire. That’s how serious we are when it comes to your safety.

The bottom line is that our drivers are:

  • Well groomed
  • Courteous
  • Have excellent driving records
  • Very good at what they do
  • Free of any criminal history

Key Element #3: Excellent Customer Service to Accommodate our Clients: There’s no secret that customer service is at an all-time low globally. However, customer service is an area in which we thrive. Unlike other brands, RAC Houston Conference Center was not built through marketing and traditional advertising. We succeed by creating and experience that comes to life, in large part, because of how we treat our people, how we treat our partners, our customers, and how we give back to the community. Our customers are at our core of what we do, and once you choose our corporate transportation services, you’ll experience our culture of warmth and belonging.

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