3 Helpful Hospitality Takeaways from the Oscars


This year 88th Academy Awards was perhaps the most anticipated in its history due to a variety of diversity issues surrounding the event that traditionally has more than 40 million viewers. And as expected, all eyes were on the host, Chris Rock, to see how he would address the issue that spurred boycotts, while at the same time doing his job of being a funny and entertaining host and honoring this year’s nominees, ensuring the integrity of the event. With that said: there are three things that really stood out from the Oscars that’s helpful when it comes to hospitality for any event.

Helpful Hospitality Takeaway #1: Attendees Must Feel Comfortable. From the Academy Award’s pre-event on the Red Carpet with Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan, to Chris Rock’s opening monologue, and to the final words to close the show, the event coordinators of this year’s Oscars went above and beyond to try to make everyone in attendance feel comfortable. After all, America was watching. And with America watching, bloggers and the millions on social media ready to fire away with positive and or negative reactions and comments on how The Academy handled the event, they had to get it right. You see, they understood that if no one was comfortable during the event that no one would watch it, and if those who were physically there at the event were not comfortable, there would be even bigger problems to address once the event was over.

 So what does any of this have to do with you and your event?

 Well, comfort ability is one of the most important issues to address for any event. For most events, those invited to the event may have an idea of what the event will offer, but in reality, they really don’t know until they’re actually there. The key to success for any hospitality event is ensure that everyone feels comfortable. With a long list of wants and needs for most events, it’s easy to overlook things, but ensuring that those in attendance are comfortable is not one to forget about. In fact, it should be at the top of the list.

Helpful Hospitality Takeaway #2: The Event Must Have Class. Regardless of why you or your organization is having an event, in addition to ensuring that attendees feel comfortable, it is also important that the event has class. When we say “class” we’re not talking about having breakout sessions, or small group discussions and or lectures. We’re talking about ensuring that everything is done with excellence and high standards. For example, if your organization books a facility to hold trainings and workshops, having the latest technology and equipment on hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly is a great way to have a classy event. That’s the kind of class that clients have received with a variety of services that “we” offer.

Helpful Hospitality Takeaway #3: It Must Be Memorable & Fun. Just as Chris Rock was chosen to tell jokes, entertain, and make everyone feel comfortable at the Oscars, it’s also your job to ensure that your event is memorable and fun. Let’s face it: no one wants to spend time at a boring event. And even if your event is meant to be educational, there are many ways to make it fun for everyone. Learning and having fun is a winning combination for any event. If you or your organization is planning an event in the future, we’re sure that you want those in attendance to walk away with only good things to say about your event. But not only that, you also want them to remember your event. Memories are vitally important for any event. Life is all about making memories and sharing those memories with others….and one of the best ways to ensure that your event has positive memories, is to utilize these three helpful hospitality takeaways from the Oscars, or hire a professional organization like RAC Houston to do everything for you!

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