RAC Houston Honors Mothers in Business


If you are a mother, then we know that the month of May is a special time of year in which your family and the world celebrate motherhood. There’s nothing like being a mother, a nurturer, a lover, and caregiver. Mothers have traditionally been praised and honored for the things they do at home, but in the 21st Century, mothers are not only making valuable contributions at home, but also in business. And here at RAC Houston Conference Center, we’re honoring all mothers in business.

According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, there are 10.6 million women-owned businesses in the United States generating $2.5 trillion in annual revenue. With women starting businesses at nearly twice the rate of men, it’s no surprise that mothers make up the fastest-growing segment of new business owners. Many of these amazing companies were formed by moms who were looking for ways to supplement their family income while still having time to be at home with the kids.

For women in business, we know and understand that work/life balance sometimes seems like a an impossible goal – but some way, somehow, mothers like YOU are able to get it done…and we solute you for being able to do that. You see, now that more and more women are starting businesses, the world is a better place. More jobs are being created, thanks to creative and vibrant mothers like you. As a woman owned business, RAC Houston Conference Center, is proud to join mothers and women across the world in business.

So whether you own a business specializing in marketing, technology, eLearning, male dominated industries, such as construction, waste management, or any other kind of business, we encourage you to continue to go ahead with your ideas and dreams, and push through those tough times that ALL business face at some point. Mothers were created to be unique and set apart of all other creations, and it is for that reason that mothers and women in business have been able to succeed and overcome challenges that seem impossible to overcome. During the month of May, we encourage you to continue be the women you were created to be.

Finally, if you’re a mother or woman in business, we at RAC Houston Conference Center, would love to hear from you and learn more about you and your business, so please leave a reply below letting us know more about your business. Who knows, we might just have something special for you!

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