5 Enlightening Tips for Meeting Planners


One thing is true about planning a meeting or any kind of event: there is a LOT to do! Whether you have a few months to plan, a few weeks, or just a few days to plan for a meeting or event, things can get out of control pretty quickly. We’ve all been there. Listed below ae just a few tips for meeting planners to ensure that your meeting is an absolute success.

Tip #1: Human Interaction & Technology Must Coexist- In the world we live in, technology dominates virtually every aspect of our lives. Everything is digital now, from our coffee makers, phones/cell phones, watches, even self-driving cars are starting to hit the road. Can you believe that? Soon you won’t even have to know how to actually drive, but will still be able to drive around town. That’s how far technology has evolved. But when it comes to meeting planning, it is important to remember that technology is meant to make our lives easier, not a replacement for Human interaction. Human interaction is something that those attending the event expect and want. In short, technology should run in the background of the meeting or event you’re planning to help things run smooth and efficient. Simply being available where people can reach out and touch and hear a human voice, makes it all come together with human interaction and technology.

Tip # 2: Narrow Your Focus- One of the downfalls of many meetings is that the event planner or organization putting on the event spread themselves to thin by offering more than they can handle. It’s noble to want to give attendees a variety of things so that they walk away with a wealth of knowledge, but studies show that actually narrowing your focus, provides better results. In fact, the International Association of Convention Centers asked its members their preference and found out, bigger (as in longer meeting) is not always better. Their 2015 meeting was shortened to two-days and incorporated a one-day option for those looking for something more economical with less time away from the job. Nowadays people prefer short, more focused meetings and events.

Tip # 3. Make it Memorable: Regardless of what kind of meeting you may plan in the future, we’re sure that part of the end result you’re looking for is for attendees to have a long-lasting memory of what took place and what was taught. Well, tapping into your creative side to connect emotionally with you attendees, can ensure that study they get the most out of it. According to researchers at Berkeley, emotional events are remembered much better than daily occurrences. They also found emotional events trigger the birth of new neurons inside our brains, which causes use to remember and retain information a lot longer than we usually do. So when it comes to planning a meeting, think “memorable.”

Tip #4: Incorporate Food and Fun: Never underestimate its power! A key ingredient to ensuring a successful event is to ensure that people have fun. Incorporating good food and fun is an excellent strategy.

Tip #5: Identify Dates, Speakers and Promotion: This may seem like a no-brainer, but without identifying the best date for your meeting or event, and selecting speakers, and deciding on how to promote your meeting or event, nothing else matters. However, these three things are often left to being the last on the list when in fact these things should be the first of the many tasks crossed off the long list things to do. And if you need a little assistance, RAC Houston Conference Center can take care of all the logistics for you when planning a meeting offsite.

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